Aug 9, 2011

Turning 30 will be a big deal. There is no escape. After having cried my heart out, I decided to be gracious about it and accept it with open arms.
How should I prepare????? What will change and what won’t? Am I expected to act differently, look older, and speak wiser? Or do I just go with the flow? Will I have more of grey hair and weak knees? Do I stash up anti-aging creams, under eye gels and hair colors? Should I buy a health insurance?

In this context, it is interesting that Rani Mukherji on her 33rd birthday, talked about ten top things every girl must do before she enters her thirties. 

10. Do something physically adventurous: 
9. Be at the top of your game: 
8. Go on a all-girl/boy vacation
7. Know yourself: 
 6. Do volunteer work: 
5. A healthy relationship with your parents
4. Have a bank balance: 
3. Have your heartbroken: 
 2. Fall truly deeply, madly in love:
1. Lose your virginity

Now let me add my feelings too:- Turning 30 makes you appreciate your 20’s and look forward to your 40s. There is also no denying that I will rock my 30’s than my 20’s.
How do you feel on your 30's????do you feel a bit scared??