Jan 1, 2011


 Just like we need air to breathe, we need prayer to overcome temptations, evil, and to gain victory over our day!   

My sister says that prayers  have helped her tremendously. Chanting, she feels, has made her serene and tranquil.   

 Though religion fascinates me, I do not perform Puja every day. I  go to the temple once in while. But I do have a strong faith. I believe there is a power above all.

Prayers and devotion to the Lord is one of the three paths of self actualization in Hinduism.
The ancient Indian philosophers elaborated three ways for self-actualization -GYAN, the path of knowledge, KARMA, the path of action and BHAKTI or the path of devotion.  For ordinary people, it is the most common means to reinforce their faith and develop a social understanding of abiding by the rules of fairness and truthfulness.
A prayer room forms an integral part of every Hindu household. A place exclusively for prayer is of prime necessity to make one's  inward journey smoother.Hinduism calls for a deeper significance for allotting a place exclusively for prayer at homes. Solitude is essential for the mind to become introverted.The very presence of a prayer room at home reminds one who is engaged in a householder life that the Lord is the true owner and we are mere care takers.

Swami Gautamananda (
Swami Gautamananda  has been the president of Sri Ramakrishna Math in Chennai) said one could realise God only by doing regular Sadhana. To illustrate the importance of daily prayer, the saint gave the example of obtaining butter from milk. Knowledge that milk contains butter is easy to acquire but the process of obtaining it involves boiling the milk first and then seeding it with curd after cooling it, and then churning the curd after it has set to separate the butter. Sadhana is akin to obtaining butter from milk. Just as curd will set properly only when it is left undisturbed for the required number of hours, so also, can Sadhana be effective only when it is done in solitude to avoid worldly influences that will distract the mind.

All I know is that though God is universal, my relation with Him/Her is private. I pray for my family and for my near and dear ones. 

I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM YOU ALL.............................


rajiv said...

Dear Sreelekha,
Very true, Existence of supreme being has been under scanner for long and by all. but the peace and tranquility as your sister said, one achieves after prayer is definitely true. I am also a not so keen temple going guy, but yes I believe him/her. and that's what important.
Mind is very fickle, for every work concentration is of utmost important. so not only for prayer, but anything you do you need to give your 100 percent.
Nicely written!
Happy new year

sreelekha said...

Thank You for your valuable comment.I visited your blog too. It was wonderful.