Dec 3, 2010

Tell Me Which Is The Strongest Emotion ???

 Tell Me Which Is The Strongest  Emotion ??? 

1.    fear
2.    love(adoration)
3.    grieving
4.    other

There are many types of emotions. Some emotions cannot be seen separately or even be isolated from the other. One such example is LOVE. When we say love is the strongest emotion, then naturally, hatred would also be the strongest emotion. Why? Because they are two sides of the same coin. Fear and courage are such examples.  ‘Fear of the Unknown ‘is the strongest emotion for Anxiety patients.
Some Romeos say   “We say LOVE cuz I am willing to die for the ones with whom I love to live…like I would take a bullet for them”.But not all say the same because some are practical in life and love is one of the emotion to survive in life. Love-The most dangerous, terrifying, exhilarating, testing, forceful, confusing, pleasurable emotion of all. Love both causes and relieves all other emotions.

Some angry young men say ‘ANGER is the strongest emotion. Why do I say that? Think about it. We can be having a perfectly good time and something can happen to instill anger. What happens? We forget all about the good time we’re having and can become possessed by anger. We can be deeply in love with someone, but when we get into an argument, all that love can fly out the window and we can become consumed in anger. When we’re overcome with anger, all thoughts of love, peace and well-being seem to vanish. Where do they go? The answer is, they’re still there, they’re just overshadowed by the stronger emotion, anger’.

Others would say ‘HATRED’. One reason - you can't control it. 
Another reason - After love sours, it usually degrades into hate/anger.
Third reason - As memories fade, so does love. Hate, under the right circumstances, can last much longer. You can't control it. Desire, envy, love and anger are others that one "can control". Jealousy is the leading cause of most hate.

Only a small group promote CONFUSION as  the strongest emotion.

To put it simply, emotions cannot be compared directly to one another. 

But still I vote for ‘LOVE because it is an all-powerful, all-dominating positive emotion, which defines human existence’ . Without love, humanity would cease to exist, becoming almost robotic , going through life as essentially biological machinery.Hate is the destructive, all-consuming side of humanity's dark side. while love is light, warmth and kindness that penetrates every human cell in kindness and compassion, making the cells dance and sing in a fantastic, natural rhythm of the powers of is, by far, the most powerful emotion known to the human beings. Love is powerful,  all the strong emotions and feelings which spring from it.

I would like to know your strongest emotion …..emotion is subjective…hey….


caterpillar said...

I think I'd stick by Love as well.... the most positive of them all isnt it?

busyxbees said...

i agree, infact i'd say every emotion comes from love somehow, without love it seems nothing would be possible

P-Kay said...

Lekha ji...In my opinion all emotions are equal strong and weak as per situations. But in my opinion, Queen of emotions is love only :) What you think ?

sreelekha said...

P-Kay ji...I agree with you absolutely.YOu said it

P-Kay said...

Tnx Lekha ji :D

P-Kay said...

Ha ha ha ha I liked that "Evil eyes to go" waala Picture:))))) Actually That chappal hanging down side is mine. I was searching for it all these days...please return to me hahahahahaha.

sreelekha said...

why not? i will return ur chappal. but are u a dwarf to use this small chappal?..

P-Kay said...

Yeah like Vaaman :)) (Avatar of Vishnu ) :))