Dec 1, 2010

Days with Thaathi……Just like that…

Days with Thaathi……Just like that…..

It has been a long time since I have written something. Actually I have been thinking of writing something for the past few days but because of paucity of time I wasnt able to do so. But now I am back with a topic which is disturbing me for the last few days.

There is a unique flavor to the relationship that children share with their grandparents and a very special one in its own sense, nothing compared to any other thing in the world.

He enjoys all the activities that he gets to do with his Thathi during the day and then a peaceful rest on her lap.

Many, many years ago, families stayed close together throughout their lifetimes. Children were raised by parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles. They became accustomed to seeing both younger adults and the elderly in their separate roles. The elderly were respected for their knowledge and the younger folks helped to meet their needs as they aged.
The beauty of this relationship is that children could benefit from the wisdom of their elders, develop a sense of respect, compassion and caring for seniors. Parents on the other hand, had the assistance of the elders in the work of caring for their family, while the elderly were allowed to be useful and to experience the joy that children can bring.

Over time of course families have changed. Many children have little involvement with their grandparents. With the ease of travel making relocation simple and job opportunities often calling families away from their birth home, families have increasingly been separated from their elderly relatives.
They are therefore isolated, often living their lives in some type of assisted living environment that the family visits less frequently.

what do you feel? I would like to hear from you all….


Mag[m] said...

i too feel same as you..... even everyone feel the same

caterpillar said...

It's true that families leave the elders and move away for better job opportunities...this is a necessary evil these days...but if they make an attempt to stay in touch with the elders and visit them, the problem can be solved to some extent.

Suchismita said...

Change is the only constant and the shape, size and type of families has changed and adapted to the world today. Technological advances and progress have made global travel very easy. So it is inevitable that people move away from their original place of birth. Initially there was a lot of pride when a member of the family made it overseas... now-a-days, the older parents probably realize that it means they have to fend for themselves and will not get to spend much time with their childen or grandchildren. That is the way it goes. ..

P-Kay said...

No doubt lekha...whatever you said is absolutely right. Knowingly or unknowingly we severed that link between the generations and we boast about "Generation Gap" now. It conveyed lot of things between them as unity, understanding, guidance and the beautiful transition of love and respect.

Hence...let us give oxygen to this dying relationships as much as we we have to witness all those things coming ahead.

Good post..interesting :)d

Kavitha said...

I know what you are saying. Luckily, I am blessed to stay with my family close by. My kid is way too attached to my mom and he cannot understand how kids can live away from grandparents!

sreelekha said...

What suchismita said is absolutely right.initially there was a lot of pride when a member of the family made it overseas,but now they realise that the are isolating themselves when they promote overseas settling down of children