Nov 8, 2010

A Night Fancy

I woke up at 2 o'clock night and I found a cat sitting under my feet, deep Asleep. She looks nice and cute and I saw her in the light shadows of night. Where did she come from? I exclaimed. I found no clue of her origin. Then I thought that  she might be living in the next door family and might have entered in my home when the doors were wide open .But….., I found something very interesting. I switched on the light and found that she is a golden cat. She was fat but smooth. I tried to wake up my husband to show him the cat. But he did n't wake up. He was fast asleep. The first thing in the morning which I did was searching for the cat, but most surprisingly, in the morning the golden cat disappeared, though the doors were not open. Where did she disappear? I didn't know and I did n't care. But next night also I woke up at 2 'o clock at night and I saw the same cat. Has she made it a routine to visit my cot? I don't want to disturb her sleep. I don’t want to disturb my husband's sleep also. Let them sleep. I too went bed after drinking some water. What else to do at night?
 But that morning too, the cat disappeared without intimating anyone. Is she making fool of me?  I waited for the next night to come. I watched every nook and corner of my home before going to bed, but didn't find any cat. My husband told me that I am crazy .but at night I automatically awaken at 2 'o clock and found the cat at my leg. This time the cat was not sleeping. It started talking to me in a colloquial slang in a smooth voice. I will come every night to sleep with you since I feel safe with you. She suddenly closed her eyes and went asleep. I had no choice other than to go and sleep along with her. But next morning I found her dead in my dead. My husband was bewildered seeing a cat at our bed and he thrown her to our nearby pond. I told him that I saw her every night. But he neglected me saying that I am gone mad by seeing a cat dead at our cot. 

Next night I awoke at 2'o clock and saw the cat standing at window facing the pond and she whispered. “Thank you madam, for giving me god’s kingdom. You killed me by lying over me without giving me a chance to breathe. I thought I was safer with you. But till the time I realized the truth I went………...”.

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