Nov 22, 2010

LLB ki amar kahani

LLB  ki amar kahani

The LLB is more than a degree – it’s the last refuge of the studious, the seeker and the scoundrel.Very Happy

Mere paas gaadi hai, bangla hai, daulat hai, shohrat hai… tumhare paas kya hai?
Abhi toh kuch nahin… par main LLB ki taiyyari kar raha hoon!

I know thousands of young men and women with stars in their eyes and hope in their hearts gave the LLB Entrance for entry the Kerala’s Law Colleges(GOVT) in the year 2010. And there will be more next year. Because the LLB is no longer a degree, it’s a declaration. They are dreaming of the black gown and roaring performance of Mammootty, Suresh Gopi or Mohanlal. I think some are dreaming themselves as Mr.Prithvi Raj since Prithvi didn’t act as a lawyer yet in films.Rolling Eyes

Hello fatcats from Bangalore,Mumbai and Chennai, I‘ve just cleared the most difficult exam in the world to get here… Come get me!craving for some placement  ….no…..
only in NUALS ,Kochin placement can be expected…..Fools!!! you preferred Govt.colleges…

 LLB degree is the gateway to a life of cash, caviar and oops! Are you still in day dream
So we have a host of young people joining Govt law colleges which are waiting to land at “We have arrived” airport. And theirs is a “Smell the coffee” declaration. 

”Look at us – we’re no less than those NUALS  grads. Heck, we work harder and smarter, just give us a chance to prove it.” 
You passed out last year!!!that too with a rank fromGovt Law(or love) College?

Na huh. Need house, will buy. Need employee, will employ. Outsourcing – these sectors need hands and legs with a moderate amount of brains to match and GOOD EYE SIGHT without glass which I already lost  due to hard studies in one of the Govt Law Colleges.I thought I will get ............... ????? And not in the dozens but hundreds. Thousands, actually. Crying or Very sad

Last but not the least come the ‘LLB as timepass’ variety. Of course, all education can be said to be a form of timepass – but who’s actually awake to notice? Nevertheless the LLB program now attracts the unlikeliest of species. For example, girls who have no ambition or intention of climbing the corporate ladder. Or practicing as a lawyer.They come just to get their visa to marriage….Brainy are they….Laughing

The catch is that “acche ladke padhi likhi ladki chahte hain”. And these days, Home Science does not qualify. As more and more boys from the so called standard families take up the LLB. 

As doctor once married doctor, LLB now marries LLB. A quick scan of the Sunday matrimonials reveals how the once revered MA has fallen out of favour. It’s now about LLB and MBBS.Those who are students of LLB are preferred. Once you complete it you are out of the notice board. Working for a year or two after graduation is encouraged. How many will continue building their careers after marriage depends on DA (Darling’s Attitude).

If there is nobody to support in this field, your case (life) is barred by Limitation.

Any comments from Advocates .......Come on....


Mathew said...

Well, I am a fresher who have just started my LLB at Government Law College, Ernakulam. I am not the Studious, can't be said to be a seeker and definitely not a Scoundrel. So, can this uncategorized sort of guy make anything out of this course. And I have nobody to support in this field, so a case barred by Limitation?

Anyway, I love lies and well told lies a lot better. So thought I would just get to see some good lawyers on the making.

I am waiting to see some comments from the Advocates too...

Anonymous said...

We should not be that pessimistic in our life by degrading one’s own profession. You have to create your own caliber to prove your mettle. In my case, I am B com but did not go for accounts. I opted stenography to become a stenographer. So far as I am concerned, I can’t take strenuous efforts to succeed in my life. Talking turkey, I want to be a worker engaged right from 9 to 5 and reach home at the earliest. Had I been in Accounts, I could not have reached home earlier as I do enjoy now. What is the basic reason for this, may be, I am lazy or not so ambitious in my life. That should not be in all the cases. Lawyers can become good lawyers provided they are fully dedicated to their jobs. All the jobs have their own values but we are devaluating by saying that “that job is strenuous, not easy to grasp etc. if I learn that, I won’t get a job”. In short, nothing is impossible in this world. You can achieve your goal, whatever be the type of work, once you balance your mind in such a way that you get immersed fully in it. Lawyers and doctors can get name and fame by practicing and experiencing in their respective fields. So, do not underestimate any profession, that is what I feel.

Manju said...

LLB is a wonderful Degree and Law is a wonderful profession, I too being a Law Graduate from one of the Govt Law Colleges would like to proudly announce this is an sll time GREAT Profession which gives you satisfaction,contentment and only worry is that there are some possible hindrances and sacrifices but the truth is NUMBERS are at the foot level of the hierarchy whereas at the top is only GIANTS, if one can strongly succeed to reach the top he is a real GIANT and a GENIUS because Law is absolute common sense.

All regards to young aspiring Legal buddies!!!

sreelekha said...

I just shared my concerns about the profession ,since I know the field quite well. I don't want to discourage any one who has the real passion and spirit of this royal profession. keep it up till you succeed in profession. I my self has chosen law as my profession and my husband is a practising advocate having more than 10 years of standing.Perseverance is a quality that is utmost demanded by this profession.That's all.