Nov 23, 2010

People that know me know that I am a great lover of genealogy - perhaps obsessed is a better description. It doesn't even have to be my own genealogy - anyone's genealogy is interesting to me.

 I like hearing my Granny Lakshmikkuttyamma  talk to me about her growing up in Piravom - living on the farm, going to the nearby school, attending "singings," family get-togethers.I  ask her again and again that I wish to hear a second or third time. She is also so fond of telling those stories to me. She talks about her marriage, her life, her concepts, her get togetherS, bringing-up of children etc etc….While saying these stories her eyes will be sparkling as if the best times already passed and will never return.

I can remember her telling me about she and grandpa’s  wedding. I cannot remember exactly what she said, but I do remember that it was not just a wedding but a lovestory which fulfilled. The house was small – an Ara (store room ) in the middle with a kitchen and living room on one side and a bedroom on the other. The house still stands and has been modernized some, but the front still looks the same. It still has a tiled roof;

 I think she told me he had sheep as well as cattle.

I hear my mother’s past also. But I found something interesting. She is not fond of telling such old stories.may be…she has not enjoyed that much  or else she may not simply like to share…my mother in law also tells me stories right from her birth .She is the daughter of a famous lawyer at kannur and her father bought diamond jewellerry for her wedding which she still keeps with her as a treasure.

If you happen to read this, talk to your parents, your grandparents and write information down. You may find it interesting someday even if it sounds boring today!

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