Nov 16, 2010



1. The correct answer is Dog.
Dogs are wonderful pets. They make great companions
and can make you feel better when you are blue. But
being a pet owner is a big responsibility, you need to
be ready to take care of your dog before you get one!

2. The correct answer is Elephant.
Elephants are big creatures that are interesting to study.
They are highly intelligent and are the largest land
mammal alive today.

3. The correct answer is Bear.
There are many different types and colors of bears. The
polar bear is completely white so it can blend in with the
snow. The grizzly bear is brown to blend into the forest.

4. The correct answer is Dolphin.
Dolphins are wonderful animals. They are highly intelligent
and love to play. You can watch them do tricks
at aquariums.

5. The correct answer is Parrot.
Parrots are wonderful pets. You shouldn’t get one if you
can’t spend quite a bit of time with it though. They get
very bored and can actually go insane! When spoken
to often, a parrot can develop the vocabulary of a three
year old child.

6. The correct answer is Camel.
Camels help people travel through the desert. They store
fat in the humps on their back for their long journey!
of these cases warrant the replacement of
the original battery.

7. The correct answer is Hamster.
Hamsters are wonderful fi rst pets for children. They
teach them the basics of caring for another living thing.
They are also entertaining to watch play in their wheels.

8. The correct answer is Cat.
Cats are fun pets. They can be really funny when they
are playing with a toy. But be careful when you pet
them, they sometimes scratch!

9. The correct answer is Monkey.
Monkeys are one of my favorite exhibits in the zoo.
They almost always are out playing in their cage.
There are so many different kinds of monkeys. Some
can even be taught sign language to communicate with
their owners. Others are taught how to do some chores
and tasks to help disabled people around the house.

10. The correct answer is Shark.
Sharks are not sure what to think of you and may even
be afraid of you. This may cause them to bite. Sharks
breathe by fi ltering water through their gills.

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