Nov 24, 2010

 Being So Tired!

Tiredness and a lack of energy is an issue that I am struggling these days.

  sorry i cannot write any post today because i am zzzzzzzzzzz

And this exhausts today's urge to write.


Nov 23, 2010

People that know me know that I am a great lover of genealogy - perhaps obsessed is a better description. It doesn't even have to be my own genealogy - anyone's genealogy is interesting to me.

 I like hearing my Granny Lakshmikkuttyamma  talk to me about her growing up in Piravom - living on the farm, going to the nearby school, attending "singings," family get-togethers.I  ask her again and again that I wish to hear a second or third time. She is also so fond of telling those stories to me. She talks about her marriage, her life, her concepts, her get togetherS, bringing-up of children etc etc….While saying these stories her eyes will be sparkling as if the best times already passed and will never return.

I can remember her telling me about she and grandpa’s  wedding. I cannot remember exactly what she said, but I do remember that it was not just a wedding but a lovestory which fulfilled. The house was small – an Ara (store room ) in the middle with a kitchen and living room on one side and a bedroom on the other. The house still stands and has been modernized some, but the front still looks the same. It still has a tiled roof;

 I think she told me he had sheep as well as cattle.

I hear my mother’s past also. But I found something interesting. She is not fond of telling such old stories.may be…she has not enjoyed that much  or else she may not simply like to share…my mother in law also tells me stories right from her birth .She is the daughter of a famous lawyer at kannur and her father bought diamond jewellerry for her wedding which she still keeps with her as a treasure.

If you happen to read this, talk to your parents, your grandparents and write information down. You may find it interesting someday even if it sounds boring today!

Nov 22, 2010

LLB ki amar kahani

LLB  ki amar kahani

The LLB is more than a degree – it’s the last refuge of the studious, the seeker and the scoundrel.Very Happy

Mere paas gaadi hai, bangla hai, daulat hai, shohrat hai… tumhare paas kya hai?
Abhi toh kuch nahin… par main LLB ki taiyyari kar raha hoon!

I know thousands of young men and women with stars in their eyes and hope in their hearts gave the LLB Entrance for entry the Kerala’s Law Colleges(GOVT) in the year 2010. And there will be more next year. Because the LLB is no longer a degree, it’s a declaration. They are dreaming of the black gown and roaring performance of Mammootty, Suresh Gopi or Mohanlal. I think some are dreaming themselves as Mr.Prithvi Raj since Prithvi didn’t act as a lawyer yet in films.Rolling Eyes

Hello fatcats from Bangalore,Mumbai and Chennai, I‘ve just cleared the most difficult exam in the world to get here… Come get me!craving for some placement  ….no…..
only in NUALS ,Kochin placement can be expected…..Fools!!! you preferred Govt.colleges…

 LLB degree is the gateway to a life of cash, caviar and oops! Are you still in day dream
So we have a host of young people joining Govt law colleges which are waiting to land at “We have arrived” airport. And theirs is a “Smell the coffee” declaration. 

”Look at us – we’re no less than those NUALS  grads. Heck, we work harder and smarter, just give us a chance to prove it.” 
You passed out last year!!!that too with a rank fromGovt Law(or love) College?

Na huh. Need house, will buy. Need employee, will employ. Outsourcing – these sectors need hands and legs with a moderate amount of brains to match and GOOD EYE SIGHT without glass which I already lost  due to hard studies in one of the Govt Law Colleges.I thought I will get ............... ????? And not in the dozens but hundreds. Thousands, actually. Crying or Very sad

Last but not the least come the ‘LLB as timepass’ variety. Of course, all education can be said to be a form of timepass – but who’s actually awake to notice? Nevertheless the LLB program now attracts the unlikeliest of species. For example, girls who have no ambition or intention of climbing the corporate ladder. Or practicing as a lawyer.They come just to get their visa to marriage….Brainy are they….Laughing

The catch is that “acche ladke padhi likhi ladki chahte hain”. And these days, Home Science does not qualify. As more and more boys from the so called standard families take up the LLB. 

As doctor once married doctor, LLB now marries LLB. A quick scan of the Sunday matrimonials reveals how the once revered MA has fallen out of favour. It’s now about LLB and MBBS.Those who are students of LLB are preferred. Once you complete it you are out of the notice board. Working for a year or two after graduation is encouraged. How many will continue building their careers after marriage depends on DA (Darling’s Attitude).

If there is nobody to support in this field, your case (life) is barred by Limitation.

Any comments from Advocates .......Come on....

Nov 20, 2010


(clutch, happy, delight)

Clutch, Darling! Clutch tight.

Daddy's at a great height!

Oh so happy! Great delight!

There can't be a better sight!
Clutch, Dear, with all your might!
Daddy's hand says 'You're all right.'


Sita Sings the Blues | REEL 13

Sita Sings the Blues | REEL 13

Nov 19, 2010

A Poem on Mother

My mamma she’s a good woman,
& I can say the same for daddy
In order to make ends meet,
She made the choice to marry
Though she isn’t admitting it, she treats it like a job
Where she comes from, it’s what she learnt
She saw no other way out
As a little girl, we fought a lot
I called her ugly names & what not
Though she hurt real bad & it made her kind of sad
She always listened patiently,
Hoping that I would one day learn
To see the world with empathy
Through the years, even as my resentment grew
She knew one day I’d see her point of view
From toys to boys, through the tears and the lies
and behavior that was particularly strange
She’d laugh it off, telling family and staff
It’s what rebellious children tend to do
I often saw her crying, seldom saw her grieving
Living with a sense of hope, always believing
Wiping my tears through all the names I called her
Quelling my fears, through the tricks fate played on her
I never sensed she was having a rough timE
Engrossed as I was, in the movie of my life
Now my time has come, to give her something back,
She’s a proud woman, says there’s nothing she lacks,
What she did for us, all mamma’s do for their own
She can put up her feet, now that we have grown
She wants to enjoy the pitter patter of tiny little feet
I know the time has come, for me to take her seat
My mamma she’s a good woman,
& mamma I’d like to thank you,
for all the things in life you couldn’t do.
for the woman you turned me into.
for all the love you put inside of me,
for gifting me my destiny
Mamma, today, I feel honoured to tell you
 I’m proud of walking in your shoes.

  ----  Suchitra Krishnamurthy about her mother


Nov 18, 2010

     How to and what to :

1. You are given a set of questions.
2. Google the image which best suits the answer and 

       post a picture from first page of image. search with minimal explanation.
3. After you finish tag 6 other blogger friends and let them know.

1.Your age on your next birthday

    Don’t ask a woman’s age and a man’s wages…….eh!!! 

2. A place you’d like to travel to
3. Your Favorite place
4. Your favorite food/drink

Curd rice!

Mango   juice!

5. Your favorite pet
I dont like pets! :D
 6. Your favorite color combination

7.your favorite piece of clothing:-

8. Your all time favorite song

Kannam thumbi poramo ennodishtam koodamo……

9. Your favorite TV show

A travelogue by Lakshmi nair 

10. Full name of your significant other

T.J.Lakshmanan Iyer

11. The town in which you live

the town of mosquittos....kochin
13. Your first job

Student !! 
14. Your Dream Job

Prime minister of india

15: Bad Habit you have

16. Your worst fear


17. The one thing you would like to do before you die

Wait! I have manythings to do before I die :D

18. The first thing you’ll buy if you get $1,000,000

19.Your favourite credo in life.


Nov 16, 2010

Asparagus or "shathavari kizhangu Curry"

Fresh asparagus - 1 bunch (chopped into 1cm pieces)
Yellow onion - I medium (finely chopped)
Turmeric powder - a pinch
Asafoetida powder - a pinch
Corrainder powder - 1/4 teaspoon
Cumin powder - 1/z4 teaspoon
Ground pepper - a generous pinch
Salt - as per taste
Vegetable/canola oil - 2 tblspoons
mustard and cumin seeds for seasoning
dried red chillies - 2 (crushed)

In a small non-stick wok pour the oil.When it's hot drop the mustard and red chillies.When the mustard starts to splutter add the cumin seeds,asafoetida and turmeric powders.Then add the onions and saute till translucent.Add the chopped asparagus and the corrainder and cumin powders,pepper and salt.Stir a couple of times till add the ingredients are mixed together.Now add a little water and cover.Check after two minutes and stir.Cook till the asparagus is as soft as you would like.This serves 2 people.
goes well with chappathis,and rice




1. The correct answer is Dog.
Dogs are wonderful pets. They make great companions
and can make you feel better when you are blue. But
being a pet owner is a big responsibility, you need to
be ready to take care of your dog before you get one!

2. The correct answer is Elephant.
Elephants are big creatures that are interesting to study.
They are highly intelligent and are the largest land
mammal alive today.

3. The correct answer is Bear.
There are many different types and colors of bears. The
polar bear is completely white so it can blend in with the
snow. The grizzly bear is brown to blend into the forest.

4. The correct answer is Dolphin.
Dolphins are wonderful animals. They are highly intelligent
and love to play. You can watch them do tricks
at aquariums.

5. The correct answer is Parrot.
Parrots are wonderful pets. You shouldn’t get one if you
can’t spend quite a bit of time with it though. They get
very bored and can actually go insane! When spoken
to often, a parrot can develop the vocabulary of a three
year old child.

6. The correct answer is Camel.
Camels help people travel through the desert. They store
fat in the humps on their back for their long journey!
of these cases warrant the replacement of
the original battery.

7. The correct answer is Hamster.
Hamsters are wonderful fi rst pets for children. They
teach them the basics of caring for another living thing.
They are also entertaining to watch play in their wheels.

8. The correct answer is Cat.
Cats are fun pets. They can be really funny when they
are playing with a toy. But be careful when you pet
them, they sometimes scratch!

9. The correct answer is Monkey.
Monkeys are one of my favorite exhibits in the zoo.
They almost always are out playing in their cage.
There are so many different kinds of monkeys. Some
can even be taught sign language to communicate with
their owners. Others are taught how to do some chores
and tasks to help disabled people around the house.

10. The correct answer is Shark.
Sharks are not sure what to think of you and may even
be afraid of you. This may cause them to bite. Sharks
breathe by fi ltering water through their gills.

Nov 15, 2010



It’s natural that we get bored of our usual life or at some point of life. Some days are like that…… We don’t really find anything interesting to do when feel us so. Well there are several options available that we miss out, activity .Let us take a look at some of them.

    1) First and most successful choice could be movies. Watch a movie of your taste but prefer some comedy suspense or thriller that will keep your mind busy. Another task could be reading movie comments, evaluating comments or putting your own comments. However try to escape emotional dramas or same movie another time. It may increase your panic even more.

2) Reading Book is another good option. A book could be enjoyed more than once. Books can enlighten, teach, illuminate, inspire and entertain you and are the companion of good and bad times. By doing this you can discover new things you have never ever come across to. 

3) Another thing worth mentioning is writing can be a good alternative to do in boring times. You can write fiction stories, speeches or even this can be technical writing about something you wish to understand. Letters can be written to old friends.
4) Another good practice is to write your diary or log. Another option is to try out explaining something by writing some sort of articles. This is a fine way to discover whether you really understand something on which you have an opinion.

5)Computer games are also a better choice. The keep you engaged struck to your seat. They decrease your stress and look more significant. They keep you in a virtual adventurous situation that makes you feel heroic.

   6) Browsing the perpetual world of World Wide Web provides not only a healthy time pass. It keeps you connected to whole world. It keeps updated and well informed. You may also try plying online videos or experiencing online games. 

   7) A best thing to do, when a person feel bored, is to knit. As it is both entertaining and productive it can be beneficial for others as well. At the same time, it requires dexterity and a lot of concentration while performing the task as it worth a lot just like if you make a little mistake, you might have to undo a sleeve and knit the whole sleeve again.

8) Gardening has always been a woman pass time as we have seen over the years but since of late there has been a revolutionary change that has occurred and that is, men too have taken the interest to nurture their hands and try themselves at gardening.

It has been a part of everyone's life whether big or small and it's been one's self interest to get your nails stuck with rich manure. Gardening teaches one to be patient and to have the hope in getting the fruitful result. 



1.       I can be big or small. I love to play and chase a ball. When
you pat me I wag my tail. I bark when the man comes with
the mail.

Dog l Goldfi sh l Lion l Hamster

2.       My famous feature is my nose. It’s long and thin, like a
garden hose. A peanut is my favorite treat. My ears can grow
up to four feet!

Cat l Bird l Horse l Elephant
3.       I am big and very hairy, The “teddy” version of me keeps
the night from being scary, I hibernate the winter through,
Watching my cubs play cheers you up when you are blue.

Shark l Donkey l Bear l Parrot
4.  I swim under the water every day. At Sea World you can
watch me play. I am smooth and my skin is gray. My voice is
squeaky, some would say.

Cow l Monkey l Ferret l Dolphin
4.       I am born by hatching from an egg, “Polly Want a Cracker,”
I often beg, My feathers are colorful and bright, Want me as
a pet? You just might!

Parrot l Bee l Pig l Otter
5.       I live in the desert, and it is hot there! My body is covered in
brown, shaggy hair. There are humps on my back, sometimes
one or two. I’m not just for riding, but for carrying things, too!

Snake l Camel l Dog l Gerbil
7.  I run around my little wheel. Usually at night is when this
need I feel, I am small and furry and sleep a lot, In a pet store,
I am often bought.

Butterfl y l Whale l Hamster l Cat

8.  I don’t take baths, I lick my fur. If you scratch my ears, I
start to purr. I love to scratch my favorite post. My owners
are who I love most!

Spider l Cat l Donkey l Pig

9.  I am a common sight in nearly every zoo, I can even do
some of the things that humans do. I come in many colors
and am always rather furry, I can swing through the trees in
a mighty big hurry.

Dog l Monkey l Rabbit l Snake

10.  I swim all day in the deep blue sea, Most people are afraid
of me. I have one fi n upon my back, When people see it, they
yell, “_________ attack!”

Flamingo l Gorilla l Shark l Ant

Make a wild guess and tell me ur answers. I will post answers tomorrow