Jan 21, 2010

Prevention of breast cancer

Breast cancer threats in India is increasing.The major reason for this is the ignorance of the people .Only some know that a lump or persisting tenderedness in breast may be a symptom of breast cancer. When some coloured (green) or uncolored water comes from the nipple consult a doctor and diagnose the disesase.Most often the symptoms are coupled with itching in the breast (not associated with menstruation).There are certain home made preventive remedies available for everyone:-

1. have an intake of Broccoli atleast twice in a week.Broccoli is proved to have excellent capacity to prevent cancer,especially breast cancer.

2. Don’t wear your bra tight to your breast.Try to avoid the bra when you go to sleep.It is recommended that you need not wear bras at  home.

3. Exercise regularly for 20 minutes . Brisk Walking is very good to prevent cancer.

4. Massage your breast regularly gently by using coconut oil or any other oil..

5. Always be happy.heights & pits are part of life. .Try to be content in all situations.Accept all situations as it is.When your mind is happy,your body will be certainly happy..happiness will be reflected in the health of tissues,cells,bone marrow etc.

6. Avoid too much intake of coffee,tea,chocolates etc.

7. have plenty of green lesfy vegetables. But avoid too much protein intake like soy beans,red meat etc.

8. Drink plenty of water(minimum 8 glasses of water)

9. Avoid alcohol and smoking.

10. Last but not the least,believe in god.He can do all wonders.

Accept people as they are.Too much of intolerance will affect the body.

I have done a research work in breast cancer because I had a fibroadinoma at my breast which I thought was a cancer.Hope it may help you too.

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