Jan 14, 2010


Today we are celebrating Pongal .Though it's not of keralaites I just like to be part of any festival.Today I tried the recipe of venpongal which was tasty .

 Wash rice (2 cups)and green gram dal and dry it .Put some ghee( 2 spoons)in a pressure cooker and put rice and green gram dal and fry it till ghee completely covers it. Then add 1 tea spoon of jeera powder, 1 tea spoon of pepper powder, 1 tea spoon of chukku(dry ginger powder),1tea spoon of asafoetida powedr & I tea spoon of ginger paste and add water to cook. cook it well adding some salt and then garnish with  fried kissmiss and cashew nuts(plenty).kissmis and cashews must be fried in ghee.
The volume of ingriedients can be  as per taste but don't forget to add salt as per taste.

Enjoy Pongal..........
You can make sweet Pongal,Sarkara Pongal or Sweet Pongal.......

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