Jan 21, 2010

Easiest Way to relax our body & mind

Our life has become so mechanical that there is no time to relax at all. My normal day time-table is given below:-1) get up at 6.30 a.m2) brush 3) Drink some plain water
4) make tea for husband 5) cook food
6) brush my son ,give him a bath, and get ready him

to school.7) iron my dress,take a bath,and get ready to office
8) reach at 9.00 in the office &work…..9) return at 5.45 p.m.to home.
10) go for a walk with my son 11) prepare food, have some food ,clean kitchen,watch

T.V(almost tired) 12) go to bed 13) again get up at 6.30…
Every day the same routine is followed and we get bored .There is no time to take care of our body or to relax it.We are running to complete the time table,that’s all.
One day my neighbour told me about Shri Shri Ravi Shankar and his ‘Art of Living’.

I attended the basic course and it was a wonder for me.Our breaths can relax our body ?
It taught me the relaxation technique.Deep breaths in and out by stomach by concentrating solely in our breath .Please note breathing should be by stomach and not by chest.Take deep breaths inside slowly and then breath out slowly and completely.Ujjain breath ,ie,deep breath by using neck portion. You see,it relaxes our body completely.
Find some time for yourself , your body&mind.In this race of life keep it relaxed in your own way.Some type of food may be acceptable for my body but may not be good and acceptable for you.Find out the same and give it what it needs.Make it relaxed and ask your mind to ‘cool down and relax’.It will do wonders.
I PROMISE….Do what is comfortable for your body&and mind .You need not take any extra effort for it.You can do it even while traveling in bus….

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