Jun 9, 2015

VERVE: The new virus in town and The PPMEA Syndrome

VERVE: The new virus in town and The PPMEA Syndrome: I see a new virus in town.. It is real.. It is spreading fast.. And it is here to stay... It is called the PPMEA Syndrome.. Here are ...

Dec 31, 2012

New Year Resolutions

Ever year I hear about new year resolutions.....one thing which I hate most...because it could never  be practically followed by me in any years passed. but this year there are many things which I really wanted to change in my Life:-

1]   I want to relax myself for sometime everyday. I need to find time for myself. After job,home,child and husband  , I have nothing in this world which boost me. So this has created considerable stress and lack of self motivation. I need to respect me THIS YEAR by finding some time for myself...like music, beauty care, etc.

2]   I want to have deep knowledge in my area of work ,  ie, HR and legal field.i need to read more THIS YEAR. I need to experiment more. 

3]  I can have some more leisure time to balance work and life THIS YEAR.

Though I want to execute the above things, I would rather like " to live in the present"  throughout THIS YEAR. 

Jul 14, 2012

Patience -the mother of all virtues

"Being infinitely patient means having an absolute knowing that you’re in vibrational harmony with the all-creating force that intended you here. You know that everything will happen at just the right time, at just the right place, with just the right people.”- Dr Wayne Dyer

But i am telling you, it's not an easy job....